The Centre for Sustainable Cropping Platform was established in 2009 to test the long-term impacts of an integrated cropping system on whole-system sustainability.

We are developing a production system that addresses the three major global challenges facing agriculture today: The platform provides a whole systems framework for designing and testing cropping systems to optimise yield and environmental health for long-term food security. It is the first of its scale in the UK and provides an open research facility to test and demonstrate the economic, ecological and environmental trade-offs in sustainable land management over many decades.

A vitual tour of the Balruddery platform is available on this website.

The new handbook of simple, on-farm indicators is available to download.

The CSC is linked with uksoils.org, GLTEN and eLTER networks.

We welcome visitors and support collaborative projects through access to fields, datasets and archived material.

Please get in touch for more information.